Communities of Practice

CSHEMA’s communities of practice support the mission and members of the Association in several ways. Communities allow CSHEMA members to access information and resources in a specific area of interest, to participate in the creation of best practices and knowledge in these competencies, and to build a network of colleagues who are passionate about the same area.

Not only do these professional networks increase the connecting points of members to the Association, but the knowledge being produced by them is an intellectual asset.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What defines a community of practice?
Communities of practice are formed by a constituent base that shares a topic, goal, or scope of interest and seeks to create best practices and knowledge bases within that area to be shared with other Association members to better inform and support their professional practice and growth.

How do communities form?
Communities emerge from new regulations, new practices, and new perspectives. These communities serve as an informal resource for discussion, brainstorming, and experience sharing to address a topical area of interest. The mission of a community of practice, however, is unlike many institutional missions in that it is focused directely to the everyday work and beliefs of its constituents.

How many members can a community of practice have?
The community of practice can have an unlimited number of members. Communities are meant to engage a larger number of members who share common interests in topics or activities. Members must be active contributors to sustain itself.

How many communities can a CSHEMA member join?
CSHEMA members do not have to join communities to obtain CSHEMA membership services or information. Community of practice membership is unlimited, meaning a current member can join as many as desired and membership does not expire.

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