2017 Annual Conference  |  July 13–17

Continuing Education Credits

Due to the diverse nature of CSHEMA's offerings, and recognizing that certifying bodies often will not precertify another organization's program, the following information is provided to assist delegates in determining what continuing education credit they can expect to receive by attending the CSHEMA annual conference. These calculations are based on information provided by the certifying bodies as is provided on an informational basis only. For more specific information about continuing education requirements for these certifications, contact the respective organization directly.

Certified Safety Professional (CSP/ASP)

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals offers 0.5 points toward recertification for each day (defined as 6 hours or more) of a professional development conference. Documentation should indicate the name of the conference, sponsoring organization, dates of attendance, and proof of attendance (e.g., registration receipts, canceled checks, hotel folios, airline ticket, etc.). See BCSP's recertification guide, page 13.

Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM)

So long as the sessions are in a content area of the examination blueprint, the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management offers 1 CMP (point) for each contact hour up to 5 CMPs per day and 20 CMPs per conference. Documentation should include a copy of the conference registration and a copy of the technical program with session attended. See IHMM's Recertfication Handbook, page 12.

Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

The American Board of Industrial Hygiene offers 0.167 credits per technical contact hour. ABIH has created these guidelines for calculating credits for educational events. Documentation should include a copy of the registration record and evidence of physical presence in the city on the days claimed. See ABIH's site on maintaining certification for more information.

Certified Emergency Manager (CEM)

The International Association of Emergency Managers generally awards 6 contact hours per day of participation in a professional conference. You can learn more at the IAEM website.

Certified or Registered Biosafety Professional (CBSP and RBP)

The technical program and slate of PDS have been submitted to the American Biological Safety Association for review.

Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP)

All continuing education must relate to areas covered in the most recent exam outline. Credential holders should keep their own records of hours of continuing education (which may include the registration record and/or a copy of the technical program), but are not required to submit documentation with their recertification application. You can learn more at the IBFCSM website.


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