CSHEMA offers ongoing professional development that you can participate in from the comfort of your own desk or as a team activity from a conference room or small auditorium!

Tech Talks: Looking for a way to catch up on new programming, technologies, or safety processes? Tech Talks presentations focus on current topics and issues facing health and safety. This series offers a diverse host of presenters and topics, encapsulating updates in one hour or less. For those planning professional development programming for staff, Tech Talks align with the Technical Competency within CSHEMA’s core competencies.

Insight Series: Health and safety programming is one component in the larger compliance framework in higher education. The Insight Series will explore topics such as research administration, faculty development, regulatory compliance obligations, professional association, and agency partnerships—all areas related to or linked with health and safety paradigms on campuses. The Insight Series is intended for mid-level professionals, management and higher, whose scope of practice extends beyond daily operations of health and safety.

Innovation Destination: Want to keep up with the latest innovations in environment, health, and safety processes and programs? Now you can with Innovation Destination. Every day, CSHEMA members are creating new and innovative ways to keep their institutions safe and healthy and this new monthly webinar will showcase those processes and programs. Do you have a program that you think is truly innovative? Does it change things in a new way that makes people safer and healthier? Want to tell others? If so, complete the application and the team will contact you to discuss featuring your program on Innovation Destination.


Upcoming Programs

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NFPA 3000 Standard: Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events
May 16, 1 p.m. Eastern
As more hostile events continue to occur around the world, it is critical for first responders, emergency personnel, facility managers, hospital officials, community members, and others to have the information they need to be prepared when attacks occur. NFPA is developing a new standard: NFPA 3000, Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events. The purpose of NFPA 3000 is to identify the minimum program elements necessary for organizing, managing, and sustaining an active shooter and/or hostile event response program and to reduce or eliminate the risks, effect, and impact on an organization or community affected by these events. This program will be presented by John Montes, emergency services specialist at the NFPA. 

CRISPR: What Genome Editing Made Easy Means for Safety Professionals
May 17, 2 p.m. Eastern
This session is intended to provide an overview of biosafety considerations surrounding the use of gene editing tools, such as TALENS, zinc fingers, and CRISPR/Cas9, in research laboratories. The webinar will cover an introduction of these editing tools, current biosafety considerations and risk assessment strategies, and regulatory considerations. Dr. Richard DiTullio will present.

Innovation Destination: Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management System
May 23, 2 p.m. Eastern
A successful management system ensures safety, quality, and productivity issues are not dealt with in isolation. The College of William and Mary use a system that integrates communication, safety, health, environmental, training, quality, operational, and strategic planning all into a single, comprehensive approach that is applicable to higher education facilities management and/or physical plant organizations. The intent is to streamline communication, to ascribe a holistic methodology to the department’s mission and vision, and to make day-to-day operations easier to manage, thus ensuring you are increasing workplace productivity and workplace wellness among your team. Brad Russell from the College of William and Mary for will present.

The Environmental Management Guide for Educational Facilities
June 14, 1 p.m. Eastern
We want you to know about the Environmental Management Guide! Jointly published by CSHEMA and APPA, the EMG continues a two-decade effort to provide content to Facilities and Safety offices at colleges, universities, and primary/secondary schools that assists with managing the administrative burden of environmental regulations. APPA is offering a webinar with John DeLaHunt, who served as the lead editor for all three editions, and Scott Thomaston, who led the Environment and Sustainability Community of Practice during production of the third edition. They will share the purpose and history of the guide, what it covers, how it works as a resource, and how the third edition is new and different from the previous efforts. Registration for this event is through APPA

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