As the pre-eminient leadership organization for EHS professionals in higher education, CSHEMA provides ample benefits for members.

Ranked as the most valuable benefit, CSHEMA members have ample opportunities to connect with colleagues in person during events and online through the many communities of practice.

Advance yourself and your career through the education and resources available through membership, including free webinars—both live and on demand. Additional opportunities for career development include serving in volunteer roles from presenting to committee work.

CSHEMA members are invited to submit entries to the awards program, which honors those who excel in safety program management, marketing, innovation, and more.

CSHEMA offers various assessments for member institutions to benchmark status and progress. This includes the Campus Safety Climate Survey, Salary Survey, Benchmarking Survey, and more.

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**All profiles must be registered to CSHEMA under the full and correctly spelled legal name of the institution that holds an active membership.  Please do not sign up for a CSHEMA account using abbreviated, misspelled, hyphenated, acronyms, shortened versions, nicknames, or use special characters (.,*-') within the spelling  of your institution. (For example, DO NOT register your account under UCLA, UC Los Angeles, U.C.L.A. or any other variation, if you are employed by University of California Los Angeles).  If you do not know how your institution is registed with CSHEMA, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information before creating a profile.**

Institutional Membership

CSHEMA is an institutional member-based organization. Institutional membership allows all those at a given school to receive member benefits. The dues structure for institutional members is calculated based on professional EHS staff members. Dues are paid annually.

Before you create an account, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how your institution is registered with CSHEMA!

EHS Staff Members Dues Amount
1 - 3 $275
4 - 10 $475
11 - 25 $620
26 - 40 $800
41+ $1,000

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Corporate Partnership

Members like doing business with other members. CSHEMA has more than 4,000 members from more than 400 higher education institutions in the United States and eight other countries. CSHEMA members are the top EHS officers on campus, providing the ability for Corporate Partners to drive awareness and demand directly with the decision-makers.

Corporate Partnerships with CSHEMA open doors for you on campuses. Maximize your visibility and investment in the higher education market by joining CSHEMA as an Corporate Partner. Your company will stand out from the crowd as an active participant and a trusted partner.

Corporate Partnership    Dues Amount
Gross Revenue less than $1m $750
Gross Revenue greater than $1m $1,250




Corporate Partners receive:
  • Discount on an exhibit space at the Annual Conference.
  • Discount on an exhibit space at the Spring and Fall Symposiums.
  • Discount on multiple year-round sponsorship offerings (available to Corporate Partners only).
  • Subscription to the CSHEMA Connection.
  • Listing on CSHEMA website as a Corporate Partner on multiple pages.
  • Discounts on conference and symposium registrations.
  • Members-only website access, including the membership directory and discussion forums.

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Strategic Alliance Partners

Strategic Alliance Partners are non-profit organizations and associations, that do not share similarities with, nor qualify to be, Institutional Organizations, but wish to align with CSHEMA in a mutually beneficial relationship. Details of the partnership would be outlined in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and approved by the Board of Trustees. A CSHEMA member will be designated as a Special Representation Liaison to work alongside the Principal Office Staff to ensure the MOU is implemented properly.

Members within the Strategic Alliance Partnership are not allowed to hold an elected position/office, vote in any elections, serve on or chair committees, or lead a Community of Practice.  We do encourage Strategic Alliance members to be involved in CSHEMA Communities of Practice. Also, marketing and advertising to CSHEMA members may only be done within the parameters of their MOU with CSHEMA. 

For further information, please reach out to CSHEMA President Ryan Lisk


Individual Membership

Individual Memberships must meet the qualifications for one of the following categories:

Member Emeritus: Retired institutional Members.   
**This was renamed from Retired Professional Membership.

Student Members: Undergraduate/graduate students currently enrolled in an accredited program in safety, environmental, and health and whose university or college has not joined as an Institutional Organization.

Transitional Members: Individuals who have lost their Institutional Membership through unemployment. The individual must be actively seeking employment. Transitional membership is available for only one membership cycle. 

Individual members:

  • Cannot hold elected position/office.
  • Cannot vote in elections or on Association business.
  • May serve on or chair committees subject to the provisions of Article IX.
  • May serve on or lead Communities of Practice subject to the provisions of Article IX.

Students, transitional members, and retired professionals are eligible for individual membership, just $20 annually.

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