The Campus Leaders Who Care Award seeks to recognize the outstanding involvement and support of senior administrators for their commitment and contributions to enhance the culture of safety at their institutions. 


The nominated individual should be a senior administrator (e.g., president, chancellor, provost, or vice/associate titles) who has made an outstanding contribution or effort to promote a shared vision of safety at their institution.

Judges will be evaluating the senior administrators on:

  • Mechanism(s) that articulate safety communications from the top down
  • Empowers the voice of safety concerns on their campus
  • Financial support to foster a culture of safety (i.e., adequate facilities, resources, etc.)
  • Support for integrating safety policies, procedures, and management systems
  • Recognition of faculty/staff/students for their contributions to safety


To be eligible to receive the award, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The nominee’s institution must be a CSHEMA institutional member in good standing,
  2. The CSHEMA primary EHS representative must endorse the application.
  3. The complete application must accompany a narrative that describes the leader’s commitment to the culture of safety at their institution. The narrative should be no more than three pages using a minimum font size of 12 points. Screenshots and photos may be included in the narrative to illustrate the development of a safety culture at the institution.


  • Entries must be received by March 31.
  • Entries must be submitted online.
  • Entries should be one file, preferably PDF, and the file size should be as small as possible. Other formats will not be accepted.


Members of the Awards and Recognition Committee and a representative from the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities will review entries for recognition. If the institution of an Awards and Recognition Committee member submits an application, the member shall recuse him/herself from evaluating and voting. Recognition award will be presented to the recipient at the awards ceremony at the Annual Conference. CSHEMA will forward a letter of recognition to recipient, and the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities will announce the award winners at the Council on Research Summer Meeting following the CSHEMA Annual Conference.

Evaluation (100 points possible)
  • 20 points – Mechanism that articulates safety communications from the top down
  • 20 points – Empowers the voice of safety concerns on their campus
  • 20 points – Financial support that fosters a culture of safety
  • 20 points – Support for integrating safety policies, procedures, and management systems
  • 20 points - Recognition of faculty, staff, and/or students for their contributions to safety  
  • Award of Honor – 100 points
  • Award of Merit – 60–80 points
  • Award of Commendation – 20–-40 points