The Honorary Life Award shall be granted to individuals who have made significant and meaningful contributions to safety, health, or the environment as a member of CSHEMA. Recipients receive an annual membership to CSHEMA and complimentary conference registration for life.


Recipients of this award are those who have made significant contributions for many years to safety, health, and the environment and has retired and/or had a change in job responsibilities or other extenuating circumstances. Their service to the Association resulted in substantial contributions and significant, meaningful accomplishments toward achieving the goals and objectives of CSHEMA.


To qualify for the Honorary Life Award an individual must: 

  • Have been a member in good standing of CSHEMA for a minimum of 10 years
  • Have contributed significantly to higher education safety, health, and environmental protection through their participation in CSHEMA
  • Be retired and/or have had a change in job responsibilities or other extenuating circumstances from a member university or college Environmental Health & Safety Program
  • Be unable to continue to serve in a full-time capacity


Nominations should be made online. Self-nominations are welcome. In addition to the basic information requested in the nomination form, please include the following in a PDF attachment (uploaded through the form):

  • Name, title, institution, and contact information of the nominee
  • Name, title, institution, and contact information of the nominator
  • A summary of the nominee with the following details:
    • CSHEMA Service: Describe the nominee’s service to CSHEMA. Include the dates of the membership and any positions held.
    • Significant Contributions/Accomplishments: Describe the nominee’s most significant contributions and/or accomplishments to CSHEMA (500 words or less).
    • CSHEMA Activity: Describe the reason(s) why the nominee can no longer be fully active in CSHEMA.
    • Additional Information: Provide any additional information that the judges should consider in determining whether the nominee meets the criteria for this award.

Submissions must be received by March 1 to be considered.


Members of the Awards and Recognition Committee will review entries for recognition and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees, who must approve recipients. If the institution of an Awards and Recognition Committee member submits an application, the member shall recuse him/herself from evaluating and voting.

An award will be presented to the recipient at the awards ceremony at the Annual Conference.