This award seeks to honor the achievement of institutions in the areas of marketing and communication. There are three categories: Single Media, Campaign, and Comprehensive EHS Marketing and Communications Program.


Single Media Award

Submissions for this category should be single pieces of media created and used by an institution for an intended purpose. These pieces are generally considered stand-alone items. Examples include an issue of a newsletter, printed advertisement, poster, signage, video, brochure, mailer, webpage, T-shirt, promotional item, and more

Submissions for this award should include: 

  • Copy of the single media 
  • Summary of the media’s intended purpose no more than one double-spaced page using a minimum font size of 12 point)
Campaign Award

This award is given for excellence in marketing and communication for a comprehensive campaign of a health and/or safety message(s). Campaigns generally include multiple actions and pieces of media used over a defined period of time for a specific purpose. Attributes of a campaign include:

  • Identifies one or more target audiences 
  • Identifies audience attitudes about the health or safety issue 
  • Identifies the desired behavior change/modification/reinforcement of the audience 
  • Utilizes more than one media/medium
  • Occurs over a time period

Strategy, measures of success, integration of media and mediums, creativity, and design excellence will also be considered as important attributes in determining the excellence of the campaign. 

Submissions for this award should include: 

  • Copies of media used
  • Summary of the campaign’s intended purpose and how the campaign meets the attributes described above (no more than one double-spaced page using a minimum font size of 12 points)
Comprehensive EHS Marketing and Communications Program

This award recognizes excellence in a comprehensive program of marketing and communications. This award includes the defined, planned, and ongoing marketing and communication activities that support and enhance the functionality of an EHS organizational unit. Attributes of a program should include: 

  • Comprehensive strategic marketing plan that utilizes all six elements of marketing 
    • Price 
    • Product 
    • Promotion 
    • Place 
    • Policy 
    • Partnerships 
  • Show how all integrate into the whole plan 
    • Application of the four elements of branding 
    • Organization 
    • Product 
    • Person 
    • Visual image 
    • Show how they relate to the overall strategy and objective of the marketing plan 
  • Program should include methods of measurement of the impact and results (metrics) of the program, either qualitative or quantitative (preferably quantitative)

Submissions for this award should include: 

  • Copies of media used 
  • Summary of program and how it meets the attributes described above (no more than five double-spaced pages using a minimum font size of 12 points)


Individuals must be from a CSHEMA member institution in good standing. The EHS unit submitting the award shall be primarily responsible for the initiation, development, and implementation of the submissions. However, it will not have had to create the submission materials internally in their entirety.


Nominations should be made online. A separate nomination should be made for each award entry. In addition to the basic information requested in the nomination form, please include the following in a PDF attachment (uploaded through the form):

  • Name, title, institution, and contact information of the nominee
  • Name, title, institution, and contact information of the nominator
  • Identification of which category the entry is for
  • A PDF summary and copies of media (specifications for each category listed in criteria above)

All providers for the creation and production of materials must be identified on the application. The submitter must be proactive in identifying who has participated in the creation and production of the submitted item. Deviation from this requirement may result in disqualification of a submission.

Submissions must be received by March 1 to be considered.

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Members of the Awards and Recognition Committee will review entries for recognition. If the institution of an Awards and Recognition Committee member submits an application, the member shall recuse him/herself from evaluating and voting. The top three within each category will be sent in electronic format to the CSHEMA membership for voting. If there are less than three submissions, then those will be sent directly to the CSHEMA membership to be voted on. The winner will need to have at least 51% of the vote to win.

Recognition award will be presented to the recipient at the awards ceremony at the Annual Conference. 

Initial Evaluation Information
  • Marketing or communication objective clarity (0–20 Points) 
  • Originality (0–10 Points)
  • Creativity (0–20 Points)
  • Production value (0–20 Points)
  • Appropriateness and understanding of the intended audience (0–10 Points)
  • Message impact (0–20 Points) 


Additionally, the Comprehensive EHS Marketing and Communication Program Award Evaluation will include: 

  • Use of elements of marketing (0–50 Points) 
  • Application of elements of branding (0–20 Points) 
  • Measurement of the impact and results (metrics) of the program (0–30 Points)