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Since 1977, the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) has sponsored an annual Scholarship Award Program to encourage the study of safety and environmental management and to promote careers in this field. This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Fay Thompson.


The scholarship is open to undergraduate students who:

  • Are currently registered as full-time students* in an institution of higher education in North America with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5
  • Are enrolled in majors geared toward an Environmental Health & Safety career (such as, but not limited to, Environmental Science, Fire Protection, Health Physics, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Safety, etc.)
  • Have at least one full year of study remaining in their degree program.

*A full-time student is one who is carrying 12 credit hours per semester, trimester, or quarter.

Application Requirements

To be considered for the award, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Meet the above eligibility criteria
  2. Complete the application form
  3. Submit a current transcript with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5
  4. Write and submit a one-page essay (1” margins, single-spaced, 10 point font) relevant to the topic given below

Application Process

CSHEMA is not accepting applications at this time.


The primary mission of university/college environmental health and safety programs is to protect people and the environment through ensuring healthy and safe operations on their campuses. This can include providing education and training, consulting and providing technical support, and monitoring compliance with OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory requirements. For your essay, describe an occupational health, occupational safety, or campus environmental issue relevant specifically to your university/college or community. Examine and discuss what actions and/or programs your university/college can implement to solve this issue. Provide supporting information, facts, and data

Scholarship Nomination

Award Amount

One scholarship for $3,000 will be awarded to the qualifying applicant who submits the winning essay. The scholarship will be presented or announced at the CSHEMA Annual Conference in July. The winner will receive an invitation to attend the CSHEMA Annual Conference, with the cost of attendance (registration, hotel, and airfare) covered by CSHEMA.

Evaluation (100 Points Possible)
  • Disqualification – Failure to meet the Eligibility criteria
  • 0-5 points – Submission requirements met (All instructions in Application Requirements #2-4 were followed.)
  • 0-5 points – Applicant’s major is geared toward a career in Environmental Health & Safety
  • 0-15 points – Relevance: Does the essay address an occupational health, occupational safety, or campus environmental issue?
  • 0-15 points – Innovation: Has the applicant described an innovative way to address the identified issue?
  • 0-15 points – Effectiveness: Will the proposed actions/programs solve the identified problem? Could there be unintended consequences that might have negative impact?
  • 0-15 points – Feasibility: Is the solution proposed by the applicant cost effective or cost prohibitive? How easy would it be to implement the actions/programs needed to solve the problem?
  • 0-30 points – Essay composition: Writing technique rather than content; points will be scored as follows:
    • 0-5 points – Thesis statement
    • 0-5 points – Introduction and conclusion
    • 0-5 points – Supporting arguments
    • 0-5 points – Research/references
    • 0-10 points – Overall Composition (Is the essay well written? Is it organized well? Does it have good transitions, grammar, spelling, etc.?)

What is CSHEMA?

The Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) is the only organization focused entirely on serving EHS professionals in higher education.

It was founded in 1954 as the Campus Safety Association and since 1995 has been a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

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