April 6, 2022 2:00 PM ET

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Presented by: Kimi Brown, ARM, NRCC-CHO, CSP; Sr. Lab Safety Specialist/Chemical Hygiene Officer, University of Pennsylvania

Description: This webinar will discuss the lessons learned from an explosion and fire that occurred August 14, 2020 in an organic chemistry synthesis laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania.  Although there were no injuries, the consequences of this explosion could have been fatal.  Laboratory safety professionals will be interested in learning about this serious event, which involved common chemistry lab equipment and occurred during a task that was perceived to be routine and low risk. In addition to the description of the events leading up to the explosion, this talk will include a short discussion on the process of investigating the incident.  The focus will be on the lessons learned and the corrective actions taken to prevent this from occurring in other laboratories at Penn and elsewhere.