March 9, 2020

"Making Safety Culture Personal,” the recent CSHEMA Safety Culture Symposium held at the University of Texas–Dallas’ Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center, drew 72 attendees and six corporate exhibitors to the February 27–28 event.

Planning team members Joan Wickersheim, University of Texas–Dallas; Bruce Brown, UT Southwestern Medical Center; Anthony Appleton, Colorado State University; Matt Moustakas, Texas Women's University, and Brandon Chance, Southern Methodist University, put together a line-up of nine sessions, lunch time networking activities, three campus tour options, and a social hour for attendees.

Considering a question that helped make the experience personal, "Who will feed your dog if you get hurt in the lab today?" established that a safety mindset could be both tangible and measurable. Based on surveys completed by 28 attendees, 79% reported the symposium was excellent (5 on a scale of 1 to 5), with another 14% giving the event a rating of 4.

Presentations included “Developing and Launching a University-Wide Research Safety Culture Program,” “Factors Promoting a Strong Safety Culture,” and “Leadership Strategies to Drive and Influence a Positive Safety Culture in Any Workplace.”

Congratulations to the planning team members for a successful event, and many thanks to the presenters and to the following exhibitors who attended: SafetyStratus, BioRAFT, UC Risk and Safety Solutions, Campus Optics, SET Environmental, and Cintas Corporation.