Lessons Learned: A "Routine" Chemical Spill & Exposure Incident in a Teaching Lab: History, Mishaps, COVID Impacts, Behavior Change, Improvements, and More!

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Join us on Wednesday November 30 for another FREE CSHEMA webinar! Hosted by Drew Townsend, Director of EH&S and Radiation Safety Officer at Texas Woman's University!

Emergency actions students should take after a corrosive chemical is spilled onto the skin in the lab is easy, right? Just follow what the Chemical Hygiene Plan, Lab Safety Training, SOP, etc. says! When human behavior is involved it is not so easy. In this webinar, Drew will present an incident where a teaching assistant had concentrated acid soaking through her lab coat, clothes, and onto her skin, yet refused to disrobe and use the safety shower due to privacy concerns, even with the lab vacated. Drew will discuss how TWU has now placed privacy screens at safety showers, made scrubs and sandals available, and how TWU is communicating this to the research and teaching labs across the university. This was just one of numerous factors and lessons learned from this incident that will be covered. Drew will also cover broader contributing factors, discuss related historical lab incidents, the contributing negative impacts COVID-19 reduced operations had on lab safety and culture change progress, and how TWU is trying to promote positive behavior change.

November 30th, 2022 from 12:00 PM to  1:00 PM
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Event Fee(s) $75.00