The CSHEMA Innovation Award seeks to honor the innovative achievements of higher education institutions of each constituent type (community colleges, comprehensive and doctoral institutions, research universities, and small institutions) in three categories: process improvement, resource enhancement, and safety culture. 

Judges will be evaluating:

  • A specific safety project and its ability to improve health and safety concerns
  • Scope of project including cost to implement, method of implementation, and cost effectiveness
  • Organization and presentation of material for evaluation
  • Flexibility of the program to be adapted at other institutions
  • Additional information as requested below for each category
Process Improvement

This award recognizes:

  • Successfully designed or re-engineered program
  • Innovative method of training or educational course (e.g., seminars, online)
    • Number of attendees/percentage of required attendees  
    • Observable and quantifiable changes in behavior (e.g., 75% fewer needle sticks)  
  • Improving service delivery method in response to a campus need
Resource Enhancement

Recognizes EHS programs that have

  • Reduced costs, increased revenues, or improved environment
  • Developed/created a sustainability initiative in response to a campus need

Additional judging information:

  • Measurable and documented monetary savings
  • Measurable and documented reduction in impact to the environment
Safety Culture

Recognizes institutional practices of faculty, staff, and students who are promoting a culture of safety.

Addition information requirements:

  • Faculty, staff, and student names and titles, etc.
  • How safety was incorporated into the project/program
  • Observable and quantifiable changes in the culture
  • Learning experiences that could be transferred to other Institutions and help facilitate others in this initiative

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