(last updated: January 2018)


The unifying mission-driven goal of the organization is to be the pre-eminent association in the field of EHS in the campus environment.

There are two primary goals which must be achieved to ensure mission success:

  1. Foster, sustain, and improve community among campus-based EHS professionals
  2. Foster a sustainable organization


To accomplish the Mission and the two mission-based goals, CSHEMA will pursue strategies to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase and improve member services
  • Increase and Improve Educational Opportunities
  • Provide real-time opportunities to engage campus-based EHS professionals
  • Become the voice of, and advocate on behalf of, the EHS profession in campus environments
  • Support mutually beneficial collaboration with other relevant organizations at the international, national, state, and local level


Organizational Stability

Strategy Statement

Establish sound business policies, organizational practices, and decision-making processes that support and maintain long-term results based on best practices in association management.

This strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Mentor future association leaders via a succession plan
  • Improve communications to the membership
    • Evaluate current communication plan; determine best practices and implement change where needed
    • Identify and implement appropriate communication tools

Strategy Statement

CSHEMA will retain and increase membership in the United States; as this strategy evolves, it will include positioning CSHEMA in the global marketplace.

This strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Identification of the untapped United States’ market
  • Provide real-time opportunities to engage campus-based EHS professionals
  • Develop a new member on-boarding program
  • Explore development of opportunities for emerging segments within campus-based EHS departments
  • Increase and improve member services

Strategy Statement

Create compelling education built around core competencies for CSHEMA members; position CSHEMA as the preferred source of education.

This strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Provide relevant and desired resources
    • Provide relevant and desired resources that support EHS professionals in improved performance on campus
    • Identify subject matter experts to develop resources
  • Improve educational opportunities
    • Evaluate and improve the Annual Conference format
    • Develop structured educational programming throughout the year
  • Design programming that supports core competencies
  • Deliver programming regionally and/or via online tools
    • Create opportunities for members to engage with each other to share expertise and learning in a peer to peer environment
  • Develop a career mapping program to support EHS professional’s educational and career development
    • Identify schools with EHS curriculum, and then support student development
Professional Outreach

Strategy Statement

Heighten awareness among the EHS community regarding the importance of CSHEMA education and services and how these improve EHS performance outcomes on campus, and support EHS professional development across the career continuum.

This strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Identification of strategic partners and building of complementary relationships that leverage resources across the EHS profession
  • Improve communications within the EHS profession
    • Identify and use the appropriate technology tools for supporting connection between members
Public Outreach

Strategy Statement

Heighten awareness among the public and campus communities regarding the contribution of campus-based EHS professionals to health and safety; advocate on behalf of our members concerning regulatory issues.

This strategy includes, but is not limited to, expanding advocacy efforts to position CSHEMA as the voice of EHS on campuses of all types.


Strategy Statement

Develop and implement a marketing plan that enhances the image and recognition of CSHEMA and supports growth of the membership base.

This strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Revise the CSHEMA marketing plan to better establish CSHEMA in the marketplace
    • Refine and strengthen the CSHEMA brand
  • Conduct an internal audit of current marketing efforts.
  • Using existing research, identify and determine target markets among campus-based EHS professionals across the globe, with an initial focus on the United States.
  • Examine the CSHEMA brand and explore options for refining and strengthening in the marketplace.
  • Develop targeted marketing pieces based on demographics, such as organization type and size, years of experience, and breadth of professional responsibility.

CSHEMA Operational Imperatives

To successfully achieve the goals and provide for effective execution of the strategies the following operational imperatives will be implemented:

  1. CSHEMA will pursue its Mission in a financially sound and sustainable manner constantly acting as good stewards of the organization’s funds.
  2. CSHEMA will develop a culture of continuous improvement and accountability for the successful achievement of its goals.
  3. CSHEMA will improve its governance model so that volunteer leadership and staff responsibilities are clear and decisions are made in a thoughtful and deliberative manner.

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