The CSHEMA Academy Courses offer four-hour online courses that allow you to expand your skills and education around a certain topic and showcase a commitment your professional advancement.

Through the academy, you will attend four separate one-hour online learning sessions OR 2 separate two-hour learnings sessions during a one- to two-week period. Content experts will lead you through the course, with each section expanding upon the knowledge given previously. It is important that you are able to attend each section of the course.

Upcoming Academy Courses 

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Previous Academy Courses

Embedded Safety Professionals 101

In this 101 course, experienced Embedded Safety Professionals (ESPs) will provide an overview of who they are, the services they provide to their institutions and the units they are embedded in, and how they help build and sustain a positive safety culture. ESPs are uniquely positioned to have an oversized impact on the safety culture of their institutions. They have close interactions with research groups, provide a link for central EHS offices to promote initiatives and disseminate information, and offer a familiar contact for safety questions. Over the course of 4 sessions attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the ESP role and how to use the methods of an ESP to be a more effective safety professional, regardless of your current role.

Industrial Hygiene 101

This online course is designed to provide an overview of the foundations of industrial hygiene and is recommended for those new to the profession. You will learn about occupational exposure limits, routes of exposure, and applicable regulations, as well as air sampling, respiratory protection, and noise evaluations. You will also receive a brief introduction to indoor air quality.

Lab Safety 101

The course was designed to cover topics including soft skills that are vital to creating positive lasting relationships with researchers, strategies for dealing with complicated interactions, hazard identification in the lab, and a quick overview of risk assessment methods that can be used to mitigate the identified hazards.

Safety Culture 101

This course is designed as an introductory survey of safety culture across the academic landscape, primarily rooted in examples, stories, and resources. This course will cover WHAT strategies are being used, WHO are key stakeholders, HOW do we measure success, and WHERE are valuable resources for continuous improvement. Through the duration of the course, those enrolled will complete a Safety Culture Learner’s Guide that will directly help each attendee prepare to affect safety culture at their own institution.

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