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The CSHEMA Professional Development Committee is calling on the CSHEMA community for round table topics!  Round tables will differ from webinars in that they will be much more interactive. A person or a panel of presenters will lead the discussion primarily by asking questions of the group, there will be no PowerPoint presentations here!  The audience should come prepared to debate and discuss the topic at hand, as well as bring their own experience(s), facts, and opinions.

Upcoming Roundtables

DEI for EHS Professionals Roundtable | How can safety be more inclusive?
November 4, 2021 | 9 AM PST, 11 AM CT, 12 PM ET

What can we as safety professionals do to provide equal access to training and other resources for people who might be or feel excluded or marginalized in the academic safety culture? How can we harness our limited resources to increase participation and foster ownership of a shared responsibility for safety? Join this panel discussion to hear these and other questions addressed.

Moderated by: Becky Grunewald, UC Davis. Manager of lab, field, radiation and industrial safety


  • Sara Souza, UC Berkeley, Interim Health and Safety Manager
  • Sharmila Pradhan, Montgomery College, Environmental Safety Manager
  • Zeke Barrera, University of Georgie, Director, Office of Research Safety

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