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Lab Safety Awareness Week

Lab Safety Awareness Week is an event held from February 12-16, 2024, that recognizes the successes of laboratory health and safety programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep our faculty, staff and students safe.

Why Participate?

Successful laboratory safety awareness and programs can help identify and manage laboratory hazards before they cause injury. Participating in CSHEMA Lab Safety Awareness Week can help get your awareness programs started, boosting one that already exists, or highlight your safety successes.

Award Submission

Get recognized for your creative initiatives in promoting Laboratory Safety Awareness on your campus. Award submission deadline is March 31st. Upload a summary of your institution’s initiative for the promotion of CSHEMA’s 2024 Laboratory Safety Week highlighting the attributes described below:

  • Deployment strategy
  • Integration and quality of media and mediums
  • Message clarity
  • Originality


Topics For 2024

Click below to download a packaged ZIP folder for "Engineering Controls" or "Chemical Storage." You can still download content from past topics under the "Other Topics to Consider" section below. Feel free to customize the content with your intitution logo and information. Each folder includes the following:

  • 8.5"x11" Poster
  • 8.5"x11" Spanish Poster
  • Digital TV Graphic - Horizontal versions of the posters. The size of the text and amount of space for bullets has been reduced to aid with readability from a distance. You will have to save the Word doc as a PDF, then save that as a JPEG.


Engineering Controls

Identifying, getting familiar via training, and maintaining engineering control equipment is critical in protecting and saving lives and health.

Engineering Controls (Zip)

Chemical Storage

Best Practices for Chemical Storage are critical to ensure the community safety.

Chemical Storage (Zip)
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Media Elements


Other Topics to Consider

Click below to download a packaged ZIP folder. Feel free to customize the content with your intitution logo and information.


Personal Protective Equipment and General Lab Attire

Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses.

PPE and General Lab Attire (Zip)

We're All in this Together!

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. When each person in the lab does their part, the lab is a safer place to work.

We're All in this Together (Zip)

Safety Equipment in the Lab

Identifying, getting familiar via training, keeping and maintaining safety equipment is critical in protecting and saving lives and health in emergency situations.

Lab Safety Equipment (Zip)
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Lab Housekeeping

Good lab housekeeping reduces the number of accidents, minimize risks & consequences of slips, trips, falls, unplanned reactions and fire.

Lab Housekeeping (Zip)
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Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

The process of identifying hazards, determining the severity of potential risks and establishing suitable/proper control measures in place are key components to keep the academic community safe.

Hazard Assessment (Zip)
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Meet Our Team

Spotlight department leaders or key personal.

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