The CSHEMA Excellence in Volunteerism Award seeks to honor individual CSHEMA members who go above and beyond in their communities of practice and/or committees, the board, or any special task force.

Judges will be evaluating:

  • Issues solved by the nominee or major contributions to CSHEMA (impact to CSHEMA)
  • Examples of volunteerism within CSHEMA
  • What committees, communities, board, or task forces served on
  • How long the nominee has volunteered with CSHEMA
  • Organization and presentation of material for evaluation


The person should be an active volunteer in the CSHEMA community. The person should have made a positive change for CHSEMA membership or the CHSEMA organization or was able to help other institutions with a safety related problem or volunteered to help other institutions in times of need.


 To be eligible to receive the award, the following requirements must be met:  

  1. The nominee's institution must be a CSHEMA institutional member in good standing
  2. The complete application must accompany a narrative
  3. Application must include the name of the nominee, the committees served on, and examples of volunteerism
  4. Submit a short narrative that can be read at the award ceremony if contacted about being the awarded nominee

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