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CSHEMA Announces Four New Board of Trustees Members for 2022-2023

Oak Creek, WI (May 20, 2022) – CSHEMA is pleased to announce the election of four new board of trustees members, incoming Vice President Ryan M. Lisk, MPH, ASP, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, incoming Secretary, Nancy Eaker, Texas A&M University, and incoming At-Large Members, Miriam Sharp Ph.D., University of Maryland, and Darius Griffin, University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Meagan Fitzpatrick, Princeton University, current President of the CSHEMA Board of Trustees shares, “We are excited to welcome these four incredible leaders as new colleagues on the CSHEMA Board of Trustees. These newly elected individuals will add tremendous value to CSHEMA with their expertise from university EHS programs from across the country.”

Ryan Lisk photoRyan Lisk is the Director of Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, and Environmental Compliance Programs at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.  Prior to this, he served in various roles for the EHS team at Georgia Tech in both the Chemical and Environmental Programs teams.  During his time at Georgia Tech, he taught Incoming Freshmen Seminar; served on the Staff Council for 3 years, serving as Vice Chair during his last term; and served on the university’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee.  He earned his BS in Biology at Kennesaw State University and his MPH at the University of Georgia. Ryan’s involvement with CSHEMA has evolved since he attended his first CSHEMA annual conference in Palm Springs in 2014. 


Nancy Eaker,
Environmental Health and Safety manager at Texas A&M University, has over 18 years of experience as an EHS professional.
Nancy has centralized and managed the laboratory safety program for the Texas A&M University Health Science Center over multiple
geographically dispersed campuses. Nancy is the two-time recipient of CSHEMA Awards for her notable work in EHS. As an active member
of CSHEMA, she has presented or co-presented technical sessions at several conferences and webinars. Nancy’s leadership experience with
CSHEMA includes serving as a member, and current chair of the Awards and Scholarship Committee and as co-lead for the Laboratory Safety Practices Community of Practice.


Miriam Sharp, Ph.D.,
Laboratory Safety Manager and Chemical Hygiene Officer at University of Maryland, has worked in the environmental health and safety field for nearly eight years, starting from the ground level and have advanced to managing the laboratory safety program at UMD. This trajectory has provided her insight to a range of issues from high-level strategic planning to the boots on the ground implementation of safety programs. She is very active in shared governance at her institution and was elected as a Senator for Exempt Staff in 2021 on the University Senate. Miriam previously served on University Senate’s Campus Affairs Committee. As a CSHEMA member, she presented both a talk and a professional development seminar at the Annual Conference and an invited webinar. Miriam worked to co-found the Field Research Safety Community of Practice and have been a co-leader ever since.


Darius_Griffin.jpgDarius Griffin, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, and Environmental Health and Safety Academic Program Advisory Committee Chair, is responsible for aligning the environmental, health and safety strategic and operational goals with the core mission of teaching, research and service. In addition to establishing goals, he is responsible for leading a cross functional team of safety professionals with environmental, occupational health, industrial hygiene, construction, laboratory and research safety expertise.  Darius is also responsible for collaborating with various internal and external stakeholders to ensure regulatory compliance and establish a proactive safety culture. His environmental health and safety professional experience spans across a 22-year career, with 15 years in a leadership role. As a CSHEMA member, Darius has been involved for several years attending conferences, presenting, and collaborating with various professionals.  His leadership involvement includes serving on the nomination committee and virtual symposium planning team. 


Beth Welmaker, Nova Southeastern University and incoming President of the Board speaks confidently of CSHEMA’s future. “The CSHEMA Board of Trustees is fortunate to have these new dedicated members to continue our efforts in fully realizing our Strategic Plan as together we increase inclusive opportunities for involvement; making certain our CSHEMA community remains strong and continues to strive for excellence.”

The Board of Trustees Members for 2022-2023 are:
President, Beth Welmaker, Nova Southeastern University
Vice President, Ryan Lisk, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 
Immediate Past President, Meagan Fitzpatrick, Princeton University
Secretary, Nancy Eaker, Texas A&M University
Treasurer, John DeLaHunt, University of Texas – San Antonio
At-Large Member, Elisabeth Hasse, Carleton College
At-Large Member, Jodi Ogilvie, University of Minnesota
At-Large Member, Markus Schaufele, Northwestern University
At-Large Member, Miriam Sharp, Ph.D., University of Maryland
At-Large Member, Darius Griffin, University of North Carolina Charlotte
At-Large Member, to be appointed (due to resignation of Kimi Brown, University of Pennsylvania)

CSHEMA wishes to thank the Board of Trustees members who will be retiring from the board this year:
Past President, John Fellers, Texas A&M University
Secretary, Tom Syfert, University of South Carolina
At-Large Member, W. Robin Newberry, Clemson University
At-Large Member, Ken Smith, University of California System
At-Large Member, Kimi Brown, University of Pennsylvania

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